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Trufyx Product Design

Product Designer, team of 2
4 months
What's the best way to get your phone fixed when it breaks? Trufyx is a product that aims to be the answer to this question.


Trufyx is a start up with the goal of eliminating the hassle of phone repair nationwide, for businesses and individuals.

This project came to me as just an idea, and my colleague and I turned it into a responsive website for users to book calls to fix their devices, and a corresponding app for technicians to manage their clients.



When designing a new product, it's more important than ever to gain a deep understanding of the people you are trying to solve a problem for. Trufyx was aiming to solve for two user bases: People who know how to repair devices, and people who need devices fixed quickly. We spoke to our stakeholders and several potential users to create personas. Creating personas helped us gain empathy for both user types.


With a deeper understanding of our users, we continued with a full phase of research, including these tasks: Stakeholder interviews, auditing other products, user flow creation, information architecture, mood board creation, data analysis, and wireframing

Technician App

For the technician side of the product, we created an end to end experience where users could receive local calls, confirm them, chat with customers, see their revenue, and much more. Throughout the creation of these designs, we continued to validate the experience we were creating with our stakeholders as well as a sample of potential users.

Feature highlight: Technician Onboarding

Several features in the technician onboarding addressed user pain points, including location and scheduling.We created an experience where users could select detailed zones of where they wanted to take calls and we went through several rounds of the work schedule screen after feedback from users and team members.

User side: Responsive Website

For the other side of the product, we designed a responsive web experience where user can book and chat with a technician to arrange to get their device fixed at a location of their choice.


After a successful pilot in NYC, Trufyx is expanding to other states in 2022. This product was featured on CBS, Marketwatch, and USA Today.

As a designer, this product gave me an opportunity to be involved in the design of a true end to end experience. I appreciated having the chance to be involved in every aspect including the branding, product design, component documentation all the way through to Design QA.

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